Friday, April 06, 2007

Staying or Going?

Many of my classmates are contemplating now whether to stay or to go. The two year commitment is complete and the degree is within reach. Many feel that they have done their part in helping the underprivileged. But have you? We've all created these great legacies. We have founded organizations, changed rules, written laws, led protests and inspired minds. Still can you say that in two years, you have made such an impact that these things will go on without you? Have you trained someone to take over in your absence or is it no longer your problem? Is there more that you can do?

Being that I have a vested interest in this state, my opinion could be considered biased, but I believe that if you search your hearts and minds then you will find that the answer to the above questions is NO! Take the time to consider this and do some soul searching. If you are leaving that is your choice, but don't allow the work that you've done leave with you.

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Dave Jones said...

I've often struggled with the fact that I could do so much more good proportionately here than if I went elsewhere. Alas, it has always been my ambition to move on to the academic world, even before I came here, though I realize that I am now indirectly part of the reason why Mississippi has such a difficult time sustaining progress.

I did want you to know, though, that I began searching in January for a replacement Latin teacher, and luckily, that Teacher Corps managed to receive an applicant who both wanted to teach Latin and made a strong candidate besides the fact that I needed a replacement. I didn't appreciate Good to Great to say the least, but I did feel an obligation to sustain what I've started like the Level 5 CEO (what a joke!), and even if I had little to do with that process in this case because it happened so miraculously, at least it's taken care of from my end of things.