Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Classroom Management Plan Adjustments

I am very proud of my classroom management plan. I took all the mistakes that I made last year and corrected them with a few minor additions and that is how I perfected the plan. Basically, it has been very successful. I have only made two adjustments this year.
1. My school now has a policy that does not allow students in the hallway. So I have a new policy, "The answer is NO, so don't ask to go!!"
2. The school design demands that we do 85% group work. To adjust for this, I have implemented some group work rules and procedures. These include:
a. 1 person in the group can ask questions
b. the group noise must remain at an acceptable level or the entire group will move up the consequence level
c. each group recieves a cup which is green on one side and red on the other. If the group has trouble, they turn the cup to the red side.
So far, everything is going well and I have only made it to my 2nd consequence twice this year.

Friday, August 19, 2005

Am I Ready?

After staying pissed with my principal for two weeks for passing me up for the head coaching job, I knew I deserved. I made a move. I called up a new head coach at one of the high school's and asked her if she needed an assistant. She replied that she actually had someone in mind, but that person had not given her an answer. I figured it was over and gave up.
A couple days later, a friend of mine who is a high school football coach at the same school spoke with her and jokingly asked her if she needed an assistant. Well, she told him about the young lady she was waiting for an answer from and then she asked him about me. It just so happened that I was on the phone with him at the time and heard the whole conversation. Now, I was actually in the running.
So I've began to get nervous. Last year, was my first coaching job at all and it was in middle school. If i get this job, I'll not only be her assistant, but I will be the head coach for the 9th grade adn the B-team. Am I ready? I am extremely excited about the opportunity, but quite nervous at the prospect of venturing out. Will I be any good? Do I really know enough? Did I move to soon?
Right now, I am waiting to see what she says. Hopefully, we'll see you from the bench.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Week 1

The first week of school is over and I must say that this is definitely easier the second time around. Of course, nothing is funtioning properly. The schedules are all wrong and we're still waiting to have them fixed. We are an America's Choice school and have to have all these different walls and posters up which the new teachers have no clue about. There is no Language Arts or Science teacher for one of the teams. Nor is there an administrator in the building with a clue as to what in the world is really going on.
Yet, I've learned to take it all in stride. Even though, the administrator who loved me to death last year, now hates my guts. Because I was in school and could not go to the training, he took the Pre-Ap classes that I earned because of my test scores. I was not even asked did I want the head girl's basketball coach position (which I did anyway last year) and a new teacher was put over me. I was removed without my knowledge from the school newsletter and they put me on a totally different team.
This time last year, I would've been in tears because it was so important for me to be on his good side (of which there is not much), but now I sit back and smile. I have no need for administrative validation. I know now that I can teach and I am a good teacher and the fact that he doesn't care for me this moment in life doesn't mean s@#*. I will not be broken because I know I am in the right place. I will not be defeated when I know what I can do. I will not break under the pressure of ignorance. Nothing can make me mad, sad, or even worried.
Why? It' s all in my test scores, baby. Eat that, RJ!