Tuesday, March 06, 2007

If i could be any teacher I would

This past week, Brinkley hosted its annual Mr and Miss Brinkley coronation. Also crowned on this day are Mr and Miss Sixth and Seventh Grade. The coronation is almost like a pageant except the winner has already been chosen. During the interview portion students were asked several questions. One of my students strutted up to the stage and was asked the following question: "If you could be any teacher at Brinkley, who would you be and why?"

His reply: "If I could be any teacher at Brinkley, I would be Ms. Bowens because even though she is hard on us, she always tells us to be our best and she always listens so if you really didn't do it, she will help you."

To which the rest of my students, to the dismay of the programs organizers, gave a standing ovation with whooping and hollering.

It was a fulfilling and embarrasing experience..