Wednesday, January 17, 2007

A Season Ends

Tonight, I cried. I have never cried at the end of a game before. I have never had the need. There was always that lingering wishfulness, but never tears. Tonight, I watched a group of young women who had grown so much over a season. They played their best. Better that any other time I've coached them. They were determined. My two starting guards were injured. One had a hip injury, the other an ankle. The third guard (who had to come off the bench after receiving a varsity starting position) had a deep thigh bruise. All three begged me to play and I let them. Even injured, we played with the number one seed in the tournament until the end. At the end, we were to tired, the pain had kicked in and fight began to waiver. I paced the sidelines watching the clock. At 2:00 to play, I stopped barking orders. There was no more yelling. The bench went silent. We were only down ten, but I looked in the faces of the squad at the timeout and I just knew they had nothing left to give. When the buzzer sounded and they shook hands and walked off the court. I looked back onto the gym floor. It wasn't the loss that saddened me, I've lost before and by much more than 12. I was saddened because this group of jovial, questioning, enlightening teenagers, who had worked so hard at the end of the season, saw their hopes of a championship trophy dashed that night. The next game would have been that coveted championship. I wanted it so bad for them. So I cried. For most of them, there will be no next year. Some will move up to Varsity and some will fall by the wayside. They will forever be my squad. My first JV team. The most dedicated group of girls, I've yet to have had the pleasure of coaching.

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

How Kids Can Amaze You

It is just before school is about to break for the Christmas holidays when my son comes home with the letter saying he has met the requirements to be placed in Open Doors (Gifted). He is really excited about it, mostly because they get to play chess. I'm really happy for him and dutifully sign the paperwork and send it back. A couple days later, I pick him up from school and the following conversation ensues.

J: "This lady came around today passing out applications to Power APAC. She said that we should apply."

Me: "Really."

J: "Yes and I could get in since I got into Open Doors."

Me: "Are you sure that is true. Don't they have another set of guidelines."

J: "Could you let me finish, Ma."

Me(sarcastically): "I am so sorry that I interrupted you."

J: "This program is at another school. This means that I would have to leave Davis. Do you hear me, Ma, leave Davis.

Me: "And I'm guessing that you don't like that idea."

J: "Well, duh, no. I like Davis. All my friends are there."

Me: "Well you don't have to go. It's your choice."

J: "Thank you cause I really don't want to go."

Me: "No problem."

J: "Well, I'm glad we have an understanding."

I then turn to Chris who is about to bust and say. "What did he just say?"
Chris replies, "That he is in charge!!"

Isn't it amazing what children can come up with.