Friday, December 22, 2006

My two years of Blogging

Ok. Here are my thoughts on Blogging. It is useless. More useless that Dr. Plants. Maybe some of you have the time to sit down in front of the computer to type out our life story, but I don't. Plus, there is no way I'm getting on here to tell how I really feel about my school or administrator. That is job suicide and I need my job. Anyone can get on Blogger and print the posts. But I must Blog in order to complete the program. This means that most of these posts are superficial and barely scratch the surface of the issue that is being Blogged about. Then to have this tied to a grade is extremely crazy. But since it is, I will continue to Blog until my two years of Teacher Corps are up. After that, this Blog will never be used again. And those are my thoughts on Blogging.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Teaching and Coaching

This year, I am coaching softball, basketball, and track which means that I will be coaching basically year round. Although, the time that is required to coach and teach is stressful here are some ideas on how to make it through:
*Use your planning time. I schedule my planning time each week. Two days are set aside for grading and two are for planning. The other day is my team meeting day. You must learn to close your classroom door and use that time wisely. It will save you lots of heartache in the end.

*Don't overpractice. We practice about 2 and a half hours each day. Whatever we can't get in then just waits until the next day.

*Take Saturday off. If you practice, make it early. Then take the day off and do nothing. Don't grade papers or plan. You need time to rest, relax and recuperate.

* Have fun. Coaching is fun. It should be your time to relax and unwind after a stressful day. Spend time with your players and enjoy what you're doing. The time will fly by.

If you still are stressed, remember the season does not last forever. It will be over in a few moths and you will be home in the evenings with nothing to do. That is no fun at all.