Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Update on Je'

Several people have asked me about my son, so here is an update on my mini-me. Beginning in July, he will be living in Jackson full time. He is extremely excited about this and wanted to know why he couldn’t go in June. He has been accepted into the IB program at Davis Magnet Elementary and will be starting fourth grade. He is still as talkative as ever and has developed a true passion for video games when he is not reading. He is also really becoming interested in playing basketball. Right now, he is planning for a trip to Atlanta with Takeea who some of you met at the Teacher Corps reunion this past summer. They are going to Six Flags. If I ever figure out how, I’ll post a picture so you can see haw he’s grown.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

Physical Day

Part of being a coach means doing little menial tasks that most people have no idea even exist. Washing uniforms, making Gatorade, etc. One of those tasks is making sure that all your players have physicals. Now this is something that you really have very little contral over. You tell your players where to be and what time and you hav to believe that they will show up. Usually, univesity Sports Medicine has a day where they complete free physicals for the schools they serve. Well, toady was that day.
It begins outside where there are large groups of players from different schools all waiting together for their school's appointment time. Once they call your school's name, the coaches go to the door to verify that the students going in the door actually attend the school.
Once all the commotion is over the wait begins. There is a blood pressure screening, height measurement, weighing, vision screening, and flexibility. You wait patiently at the end waiting for your students to come through so you can recieve the coveted pink form that says that child can play for you next year. This whole process takes about an hour and a half and there is a hospitality room for the coaches with food, drinks and free t-shirts. Usually, the coaches from the different schools get together and "chew the fat" while waiting for their players to come through. You collect the forms, see your players off and then go home for a nap because, honestly, the whole thing is exhausting.