Friday, September 30, 2005

Inductive vs. Deductive

After looking over my lessons and lesson plans for the past two weeks, I've noticed that most of my lessons are inductive. I seem to plan activities that ask my students to group things that are alike or make assuptions based on examples that they have already gone over or been given. I think that this helps my students retain the information better because they came up with the answer own their own instead of me giving them the definitions or just sayng how to do something.
I have used deductive reasoning at times in my lessons when I needed to get a specific point across before I could move on to another concept. What I have found, however, is that the students better enjoy inductive lessons because they are more involved in the lesson and are more active participants in their learning.

From my perspective inductive reasoning is better, becuase of the high retention rates of my students. I do wonder, however if it would be as effective, if I were in a math or social studies classroom. It seems to be more suited for language arts and science.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Never underestimate the power of a woman

It had to be a woman. No man has that kind of power. It was late that Sunday night when my boyfriend and I had the argument about buying can goods, water and ice. "It'll just be a little wind, Sheta. You're panicking over nothing. We live too far inland." Being the worry wart that I am, I cried, screamed, argued and fought until we ended up at the grocery store. He would look at me every couple of minutes and just shake his head. I was just relieved. Hey, momma always said better safe than sorry. At 5:00 am, the alarm went off and we got up to check and see if we had school. When we found out that we didn't, I went to bed while he watched the news. I awoke agaain about 10. It was a beautiful day outside. The news was still on and the weathercaster was sounding worried. I joked if Nissan closes, we will be going to your mother's ( I live upstairs). 12:30 Nissan closed. "Time to Go." I packed up an overnight bag, while he still complained that I was overreacting. As we were walking out the door, the power went out and it started to rain pretty hard. The wind almost blew me down before I made it to the car. We were greeted at the door by his entire (stress entire) family. Hey, if we are going to blow away at least we'll be together. He, of course, was still saying, "All of you are crazy, it will just be a little wind."

Two weeks later, he is still amazed. That "little wind" knocked tress down all over town. The power was out for days. School was closed for a week and a half. I drove around today and people are still removing the trees form their roofs, Entergy trucks are still working and many people are stil in shock. One of my students said it best, "My dad said thats what happens when you make a woman mad." I feel so amazingly blessed. I still have my home, family, friends, job and life. There are so many who do not.

Everyone is saying that people should pray. No, you should've been praying. No one believed that this storm would've done the damage it did. Who knows what could be next. No matter what higher power you believe in, start talking to them. And if you can't find time, turn on the news. You will!!!